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This one is for beginners looking to find simple ways to hold parts whilst they are being painted - either with a paintbrush, or a more advanced airbrush.

Here’s the link:

Some further detail…

Having now seen the video, here are some images of the items that I used so that you can see clearly what I used and how. Hopefully, the images will be self-explanatory, but to recap, here is a list of the items seen in the video:

Coffee stirrers
White Tack
Blue Tack
Cocktail sticks
Masking tape (Tamiya or similar)
A small square of cardboard – mount board is perfect

So here are the pictures! I hope this helps – if you have any questions, leave a message!


I'm formerly the editor in charge of Military In Scale magazine and latterly, Model Airplane International. Editing duties to one side, I'm now a full-time modelmaker with Doolittle Media, working to supply modelling articles and material for a number of their group titles, including MAI and Tamiya Model Magazine International. I'm also an avid fan of Assassin's creed, Coventry City FC and when the mood takes me, a drummer of only passing skill. Here though, you'll find what I do best: build models and occassionally, write about them!

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