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With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offering little in the way of benefits to this page, is it time to change direct? Over the coming months, with your help, I'm going to find out...

From here on in, I intend to change the picture so that this is my primary portal for all of my work. Going forward I will be updating this page as regularly as I would my social media pages, only offering teasers on each of those, with links that bring you back here for the full story.

Morning everyone!

Over the last year or so, I’ve spent plenty of time and no little energy trying to work out how best to present my work, so that the widest group of modellers can see it and hopefully gain enough inspiration from my builds and what I write about them, to have a go for themselves. Much of that has been based not only around this page, but also around social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Within that time, it has become more and more apparent that the use of external, third-party platforms has not really worked how I would like it too, the vagaries of their algorithms, far from ensuring that everyone that I want to see them, does, ensures that only those that each chooses to inform, is offered images and updates as the weeks progress. It really is now time for a change.

There is no doubt that I, like many other modellers, have become accustomed to simply opening our phone or tablet and then scrolling through our favourite pages. It’s convenient, easy and needs little in the way of real interaction to make us feel as if we are seeing the bigger picture. Fact of the matter though: we are not. Newsfeeds often only show small chunks of updates and that means that if I plant something on either of my pages on Facebook for instance, you might see only a handful of them over the weeks, rather than every one. 

This issue is then exacerbated by algorithms that downgrade external links. I watch all of my updates very carefully, so can see how a post is performing, both on here and then on linked pages. Each time I post on here, that is then automatically dropped onto both Twitter and Facebook, so I don’t have to do anything else with it. I can then compare and contrast performance. Those linked updates fare far more poorly than if I was to drop an image, or a written update. Even using certain words, adds to the downgrade, so despite being something that I feel is important, I might only have a handful of interactions, rather than many more for something that is clean and free from any links.

Look, I get it, I really do. Third-party social media platforms are not there to help me: they are there to make money. Anything that takes away from that is seen as a negative to their business model and is thus, restricted. They don’t want all of their traffic to turn off the highway and end up at another destination. They want you ton remain where you are so that their adverts grant income for those platforms. Here stay with us, oh and by the way, how about this new tee-shirt that we are selling: nice, eh? That’s not some wild conspiracy theory, that’s simply a fact of life.

But of course that doesn’t help me.

I need to ensure that my work, modelmaking, that is my only source of income, works as well for me as possible. It’s no good me spending weeks building a model, days writing an article, or hours creating an update for this page, if no-one sees it! Sure, working for Doolittle, I’m salaried, and lots of modellers see what I do within the pages of Tamiya Model Magazine Internal and Model Airplane International, but I also create other material as well, so that is just as important in the grand scheme of things, where visibility creates interest, interest creates income. This is my job and for too long I’ve given away a huge amount of work for free; it’s now time to tip the balance more in my favour.

From here on in I intend to change the picture so that this is my primary portal for all of my online work. Going forward I will be updating this page as regularly as I would my social media pages, only offering teasers on each of those, with links that bring you back here for the full story. That way I can control who sees what and ensure that those who want to check out my models do so, because they have chosen to, rather than being guided in that direction thanks to a computer algorithm that I have no control over. If you are happy to see teasers of work online, those platforms will be fine; but if you want to see everything, this will be the place to come.

“But Spence, you’ll lose followers. Less people will see what you do!”. 

Yep, that will indeed be the case.

I, like everyone else, enjoy seeing the ‘likes’ rack-up as a post is dropped and that button is hit. But I have to now uncouple myself from that and work in an area where that’s not an accidental interaction, but rather one that is intentional. I will lose followers of that, there is no doubt. But as vast numbers on both of my Facebook pages, personal and work, never interact with me anyway, I really don’t think this will make much difference in the long-term. This all sounds rather brutal and dismissive and I apologise if it does: it’s certainly not meant that way. I’m just trying my best to work a path through the undergrowth of my day, so that I can enjoy the walk and you can enjoy following along.

Where does that leave you..?

Well, that’s actually going to be in your hands.

In the short-term, those of you already reading this will not be affected at all. You will either have dropped on this page thanks to an email notification, or via a link that you’ve seen. The email notifications happen because you have subscribed to keep you fully informed, exactly as you would be when an update drops into your feed on Facebook or Twitter. If that’s not the case, you are going to be in the hands on this third-parties who may or may not inform you on my work. Upshot? If you want to kept informed, please subscribe with your email and I will tell you every time I post something! If you choose not to do that, I fully understand. Not everyone wants to see my work cluttering up their in-box, but I hope that you will consider doing so, so that you can continue to follow this page and see what is going to posted on here, week in, week out. I’m easily forgotten, so a reminder now and then my well be a very good idea!

Longer-term, I’m also planning to develop this page into one that offers subscriber content. These will be hidden areas where projects will be completed, essays relayed and videos posted. Those of you happy to support my work with a small fee each month, will have access to these pages. Similar to Patreon, it will create another layer of worthwhile income that will not only allow me to continue with my work, but also develop areas on this page that you can feel personally invested in. There will also be bonuses and benefits to being a paid subscriber, but as of now, I haven’t worked out what they will be in full!

“But what about those that can’t afford to pay – what then?!”. 

The answer to that is that there will still be free material on her to enjoy, so you won’t miss out. In this day and age of credit lunches, rampant inflation and cost of living crisis’, I want no-one to feel left out, or under pressure to hand over money. You’ll just not see everything (or may not see completed updates until after patrons have hopefully enjoyed the material) but you will eventually have access to everything. Fear not, there will still be plenty to see!

Where does that leave me..?

Of course I won’t be leaving these platforms, as there is still plenty for me to see and interact with. I have no intention of living in shadow, sending myself off into self-imposed exile. I will still be there, will still see your work and will still enjoy the interaction. This is about how I am electing to reveal my own work and how that can be used as part of my day to day responsibilities. Nothing more, nothing less!

I hope that you understand my decision to move away from traditional social media as a primary outlet and into one that I can control, fully. If you have any thoughts on this, please drop a comment below. I read them all and pay attention to everything that you say. This is a very important development for me, so I really want to get it right and with your help, I will.

See you next time. 

I'm formerly the editor in charge of Military In Scale magazine and latterly, Model Airplane International. Editing duties to one side, I'm now a full-time modelmaker with Doolittle Media, working to supply modelling articles and material for a number of their group titles, including MAI and Tamiya Model Magazine International. I'm also an avid fan of Assassin's creed, Coventry City FC and when the mood takes me, a drummer of only passing skill. Here though, you'll find what I do best: build models and occassionally, write about them!


  1. Jonathan

    Quality of Facebook‘s service has nosedived in recent years, every update seems to control information according to how they want it rather than for the convenience of the end users. It’s a shame really because it used to be a good platform.


  2. Anthony

    Makes perfect sense to be honest. I have been finding both facebook and youtube often fail to show me updates i have subscribed too.


  3. Sounds like a good idea to me, Spencer. As someone with neither a Twitter nor an Instagram account and only a casual user of Facebook there will be little impact on me other than I will no longer be frustrated by thoughts I may be “missing out” on something. I have also noted the increasing number of complaints by creators, such as yourself, about the platforms becoming, shall we say, less and less user friendly and helpful so any move to regain complete control over your own work can only be a positive thing in my view. Good luck with your endeavours and Nil Carborundum!


  4. Martin Mickleburgh

    Spencer, I’m with you 100% on this one. The real value of Facebook, for instance, for anything other than snippets of news has disappeared in a morass of pointless argument and dysfunctional algorithms. A new approach would be a breath of fresh air.


  5. Having read your thoughts and reasonings about moving away from Facebook etc I can totally understand.
    If I was doing this (modelmaking) as my primary income source I would be heading in the same direction.
    I’m subscribed to this page and so get email notifications when you update it.
    It’s refreshing to click the link in the email and be taken straight here; no (irrelevant) adverts, no extra boxes to click, cookies to accept etc…
    I’m sure it will be successful as you want to make it.


  6. Andy King

    I got notification for this post as I’m subscribed to your emails so that works at least.
    Facebook is getting pretty useless these days which is not surprising seeing that it has been around since the late 2000s, it seems with every ‘improvement’ it downgrades it even further.


  7. tompotter4skycom

    Way to go Spencer. I’m fed up with FB et al choosing what I see or don’t see.


  8. I never use social media as I find it offers nothing of value to me. I always look forward, Spencer, to getting your emails in my inbox as every update seems to contain something of interest.


  9. I love this move, Spencer! Aside from the issues of control for content creators that you mention above, I’ve been thinking a lot about the hold social media companies have on our individual and collection attention. I recently read “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari which talks about this (and other detractors from our attention) and can’t recommend it highly enough.

    I think this move makes a lot of sense for you as a professional, but will also do a part to help others stuck in the infinite scroll! I hope it’s the start of a trend!


  10. Paul Whee;er

    Spencer, I go to Facebook often to catch up on everyone modeling, your little snippets there are something I really look forward to. When Mike Rinaldi exited Facebook for a different format I just lost touch with what he was doing because it was yet another platform I had to seek out.
    Love your books, interviews and posts- you are hugely important to our hobby


  11. Twitter is a horrible place. Don’t bother with Instagram and FB is just full of ads. Fully understand where you’re coming from..I work hard to make my own blog a place where much of the content is unique….it’s mine!


  12. Hello Spencer
    I still think you’re missing a trick by not being on YouTube.
    I stand by my previous statements that YouTube these days is the best way to gain exposure, and in fact is fast becoming the main way.
    Although I will continue to suscribe to your website, I’d argue whereas people are quite happy to pay to support videos and podcasts via patreon these days, they may baulk at paying to view a website. I really think the increase in views and income will be incremental at best.
    People just no longer have a love affair with the written word, and quite a few modellers I know just don’t bother with websites or even the fora these days, it’s all about watching and learning these days. More now so than ever before thanks to lockdowns and Zoom
    With YouTube, people are “looking over your shoulder”as you build the model and demonstrate your techniques. They feel like you are building just for them, it’s a far more immersive and personalised experience for the modeller. Yes they may sound like marketing buzzwords, but this is what you need to tap into these days.

    I’d suggest this is what people want from Spencer Pollard, if they want to read an article, well as you said, you’re still writing for Doolittle
    I know you have said on previous occasions you do love to write, but I fear you’re anchoring yourself to the past here a little and not embracing the now, and I say that in the most respectful way.
    Yes, making videos requires a steep learning curve and is very labour intensive, but we know you work well under pressure and can handle deadlines. A weekly video, perhaps either a build or just a news type roundup, reviews etc, similar to IMC, but without the waffle would be perfect. I found your “little garden shed” model videos must see viewing, when you were doing them. I’d love to see the return of them.
    I really think it would net you far more exposure and maximise your income more than a website, if you do though, film in HD or 4K as a minimum.please,
    I wish you all the best though in whatever you do, and will continue to follow you.


    • The problem there though is that you make zero income from videos on YouTube unless you have either massive numbers of views, or you are bolted on to a platform like Patreon. I have a whole collection of videos on YouTube, one of which has garnered around 100,000 views and in the years that they have been up there – 6 in total – the ENTIRE collection has made around £500, less than £100 a year! You need tens of thousands of views to even scratch the surface and even then, you have to have support. As it stands, it simply would not be worth my time to make videos and upload them for the pennies that they would generate. This page will feature videos, but on their own, or published on YouTube, they will not make any money without being part of a bigger picture. Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don Partridge

        I myself watch YouTube, but really enjoy the written word, keep up the great work Spencer


  13. Darren McQuillan

    Hi Spenser. I am not a big social media user myself. I have never had a Facebook account and have a tiny presence on Twitter so I’m the opposite in that I miss out on a lot of stuff published via those mediums. I prefer a good old fashioned webpage that I can bookmark and check in on regularly. And I agree that good content can’t always be free and that is why I make it a point to support you (and others like you) by purchasing your books and purchasing magazines that you contribute to. I’m a long timer subscriber to MAI and regularly pick up issues of TMMI. I consider any money spent this way to be good value to me for what I get back out of it. So best of luck with the chosen approach.


  14. lsutigertalk

    I can’t wait to see what you do for subscriber content. A well done patreon or subscriber only page is todays equivalent of subscribing to a magazine. I’m in!


  15. Lawrence D Clark

    Spenser: Welcome to the ADULT side of the I-Net.


  16. I am with you on this, Spence. You are a knowledgeable and extremely entertaining writer. You bring a huge well of experience in your craft and this hobby to the table for us to learn from. You are delivering real value to your readers. Why should your readers expect it to be free?

    As to social media, Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal put it perfectly: “Social media has demolished the guard rails of public conduct.” I once had both a FaceBook and Twitter account. However, they have become as they have been described so ably by other commenters herein and not worth viewing for a minute.

    Full speed ahead, Spence!


  17. I have exited fb and twitter quite some time ago with no regrets. YouTube on the other hand is really important source for me. IMHO, as someone suggested, really worth considering.


  18. malcolmireson

    Haven’t got a clue about all the long technical computer speak, but I love your work and have known you and your family for many years now both in and out of the modelling world.
    Count me in, I’d follow you anywhere🤓


  19. baker24earthlinknet

    This is a test…..


  20. I am glad you are going to be able to control your own output. As I am interested in getting back into modeling as a regular pastime, I need all the inspiration I can get. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your content in the future. Congratulations on the change. Let’s see if WordPress will take this comment…..


  21. tom mckercher

    Bully for you! This is the only way I use your site the social media crap is not for me. By the by, how is the new Spit book proceeding?


  22. I have one suggestion: get off WordPress. I have tried the last five times you have sent a post to write a comment, and they have yet to successfully post. This never used to be a problem with WordPress, but it now is, and not just here.


  23. I have Facebook right where I want it. You have to work it to do what you want from it, and that’s exactly what I get. I miss the odd thing, definitely, but the things I really want to see are there where I want them. If you don’t choose, FB will.


  24. A sound plan, Spence- best of luck!


  25. Wayne Starick

    Where you go, I will follow!


  26. Wayne Starick

    Where you go, I will follow!


  27. I’m here for the models and the ideas about models, and this move ensures that The Kit Box stays squarely on point. That’s integrity, and I’m here for that, too—Spencer’s insights, in Spencer’s order and precedence. FB and Insta algorithms are like stopped clocks—correct about twice a day, and useless the rest of the time. I welcome this new direction!


  28. Very happy with the way forward as you have outlined. Personally I find ‘social media’ a waste of time, only interested in adverts so they can make more money.


  29. Anonymous

    Very happy with the way forward as you have outlined. Personally I find ‘social media’ waste of time, only interested in adverts so they can make more money.


  30. Gerry Doyle

    The old adage comes to mind, “if you throw enough s**t at a wall, some of it is bound to stick ”
    However, I do think using this platform will give you more control.


  31. Axel Verheijen

    Not one to leave a lot of comments (here or on FB/IG) I just wanted to say : great move.
    I haven’t subscribed but I do see every new post on my blogger feed and am really glad you are concentrating your work and efforts here.
    A lot easier (less cluttered) to read and I won’t miss out on new posts. Bravo!


  32. Great article Spence.
    This along with your competing with yourself, plus the chat on the Model Geek podcast, really rang true for me.
    I think in general for the hobby social media has been a big plus, if not for general discourse.
    I’ve often see people over exposed and overworked doing multiple platforms so the conscious choice you have made makes total sense to me.
    I hope its successful, sure it wiill be and wish you all the best.


  33. Pingback: THE KIT BOX, SOCIAL MEDIA AND A NEW WAY FORWARD… – kingbrowndaily

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