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With a change of approach to social media, this new website will give me the platform I need to present my work, how I want to people to really see it...

In terms of tone, my approach will be the same as it has always been, either in print, or on here: professional, opinionated and as well-informed as I can be.

Over the last few years I’ve given some considerable thought to my online presence and how my work responsibilities can be shadowed by my social media profile. Much of that has been through platforms such as Facebook and twitter with the odd incursion into the world of Instagram and though that has been positive in the main, there has always been that nagging doubt that perhaps I need to be more focussed and more controlling of what is seen and how that work is presented. This new website hopefully addresses some of those concerns.

So why the changes and what will this website offer that the other services cannot?

I guess that the most obvious change will be how material is presented, both in terms of the pictorial content and then the written descriptions that partner those images. Image quality on here is obviously higher than on other platforms, so that will allow you the chance to see my work in more detail, with everything being laid out in a way that’s more familiar to magazine readers than those used to online portals. 

The second change will be embedded links that take you to places of interest, other posts, websites, or pages that will help understand how the model was built or what you can expect from the subjects being discussed. They will offer addresses for suppliers, shops and then the publications in which some of the models appear in print. This is simply not possible elsewhere, so I really hope that you appreciate the change!

The final change is simply down to you actually being here, wanting to see what I am up to. If you have decided to follow this site with your email address (using the sidebar box that you can see to the right of this update) you are actively choosing to see what is posted, whereas with Facebook, or Twitter et al, that is determined by their algorithms and you may go for weeks without seeing anything. That means that followers of this page are here because of interest and support and not simply through the luck of the draw. I may not have the same immediacy of reaction that Facebook offers, but that is offset by the knowledge that modellers have offered their support and I can return that favour with content that they can see, the way I want them to see it. 

In terms of content, this will primarily be a store/showcase for my work, but it will be a lot more than that. As the site is developed, I will be adding to the editorial posts and stories that I have published previously, with news updates and reviews underpinning many of my thoughts within those essays. Imagine a magazine format and that’s what I hope to achieve, with editorial musings holding hands with showcases and in-depth build features, the latter, either as one-off features, or segmented updates that offer more depth over a number of weeks/months. Eventually, the site will be added to with premium areas that will allow access to far more than you see now, with more depth of article, video and podcast links, as well as special offers for exclusive books only available to members. That’s off into the future, but that is certainly what is being planned.

In terms of tone, my approach will be the same as it has always been, either in print, or on here: professional, opinionated and as well-informed as I can be. If you are expecting fireworks from me, you will be disappointed! I’ll offer pointed opinion, but that will always be balanced and nuanced enough to provide both sides of an argument. It’s not my place to be unnecessarily confrontational, my need to remain positive and supportive of those within the hobby, always outstripping a desire for conflict. I’m not suggesting that it is wrong to be confrontational (some of the best sites on the web are great because that is precisely their approach) just that that is not what I am here for. This will also be a family-friendly site, so if you have younger modellers who would like to check it out, they can do so with no fear of anything that might be explicit or inappropriate…

So this then is my new site – or at least the start of it. I really hope that you enjoy seeing the chapters that I’ve created and that you can spend some time looking at the models and reading my thoughts. One thing I will say finally, is that this will eventually be the only place on Web that I post my work, so if you are keen to see it and don’t want to miss out on the updates, please follow the site with your email address and you will be told each time I post some new material. 

Thanks you all for reading this – it’s very much appreciated!

I'm formerly the editor in charge of Military In Scale magazine and latterly, Model Airplane International. Editing duties to one side, I'm now a full-time modelmaker with Doolittle Media, working to supply modelling articles and material for a number of their group titles, including MAI and Tamiya Model Magazine International. I'm also an avid fan of Assassin's creed, Coventry City FC and when the mood takes me, a drummer of only passing skill. Here though, you'll find what I do best: build models and occassionally, write about them!


  1. Spencer, really looking forward to your new site and seeing how you manage and populate it. Really appreciate as well your comment about keeping it “family friendly” so as to allow younger viewers to look in without issues.

    Best of luck with your change of direction with your social media.



  2. Looking forward to this, Spencer.
    I’ve followed your stuff for awhile now and enjoyed it. As for Facebook and Instagram, I, for one, have become very burned out… especially with Facebook. I get tired of sifting through the crud, just to see what I want.
    Can’t wait to see the upcoming content!
    Brett G


    • That’s brilliant – thanks so much! Yeah, feeling the same; there’s just too much on there that’s not fun and though this will no doubt take a while to get going, I will be able to control it in a way that is impossible elsewhere…


  3. Luke Rutter

    This looks brilliant, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it!


    • Thanks Luke – very much appreciated! Early days yet, but hoping to push it as far as I can!


      • Luke Rutter

        I hope it goes well, I’ve loved reading your blog on your old website so I’m sure this’ll be great too!


  4. Jacob Russell


    I have bought 3 of your books, so I’m obviously a fan. I’ll follow you here, and best wishes!



  5. The new site looks really good Spencer, thanks for pointing me in the direction of it. I can certainly see why you’d want to have a site that’s more under your control. A lot of social media sites – especially FB, can sometimes be more hassle than they’re worth!

    I wish you all the best of luck with it and look forward to seeing in what direction it takes you – oh good luck with the block editor 😀


    • I’ve actually become so used to it that it’s now fine. Bit of a head scratcher to start with, though!!!


    • kfutter

      I’ve really grown to appreciate the block editor – especially whenever I have to create a new product in Woocommerce, which still uses the old ‘classic’ editor, which seems so clunky now!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I still prefer the classic, but that might be because I spend most of my days writing word documents – I just can’t seem to get my head around the blocks. I just feel it’s leaning to far toward catering for the web-designers rather than someone who just writes.


  6. Roy Hu

    What an awesome venue to showcase and share your work and skills.
    Enjoyed your book on modelling the Leopard and still refer to it regularly.
    All the best and success,


  7. Steve Moores

    Looking good Spencer, if you need a hand with WordPress give me a shout!


  8. kfutter

    Best of luck with the new direction, Spence!


  9. I will certainly be following along, having also become increasingly disenchanted with both Facebook, and the overly strident approach from some other quarters on the modelling interweb. Best of luck, not that you will need it!


  10. David Mummery

    Best of luck Spencer. Looking forward to seeing your site develop and pleased you will have more content control than on other platforms. Model on!


  11. Steve Parker

    Good luck with your new venture. Bookmark added!


  12. David H. Charlton

    I”m over the moon with your new approach Spencer having sorely missed your Shed based productions of late. Can’t wait to catch up with you in your new guise.


  13. Darren McQuillan

    Great news. Looking forward to the new content. And hopefully some more books to add to my collection. Loved the recent Starfighter one. Maybe a Phantom one soon!


  14. Good Luck with the new site Spencer. So far I’ve just read your introduction and agree wholeheartedly with all you’ve written. FB and Instagram are such poor platforms for showcasing models. There are also far too many video blogs and podcasts out there that show nothing, with commentators that also offer nothing but waffle. Ive found myself increasingly coming back to blogs and websites like, well, like this one!
    Very much looking forward to reading and looking at further updates


  15. José Pedro Pires

    Hi Spencer! Looking forward to be foĺowing your site. It surelly will be a great place with high quality content.
    José Pedro Pires


  16. Juan Francisco Mollinedo

    Dear Spencer,
    I started following you many years ago in YT “The Shed”… I wish you the best and looking forward for your future projects.

    Greetings from Guatemala


  17. Yoav Efrati

    Welcome Spencer, to the new wave of Information Technology model building and the freedom it provides. IT Integrates your art, skill and thoughts with boundless abilities of expression and audience. I’m eagerly looking forward to your development of The Kit Box into a leading “webazine” for the aviation modeler. Here’s wishing you health and plenty of time to succeed in this new venture.


  18. FABULOUS…! I really enjoy the build articles in the mags, and all the lovely tid-bits of info you share. Having a dedicated place to view and absorb all the neat stuff will be a blessing. I cannot stomach Facebook mainly for the hodge podge of useless drivel that frequents the site. So looking forward to your site. Mr. Tom Morgan, who got me started following your creed(no pun intended), has always shared buckets of info about your time tested techniques, which I now try to apply to my builds. Glue on mate…!!


  19. Ian Goldstraw

    Good luck with this new venture. I’ve been following your work since you were at MIS, and other formats since.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work and books in the future.


  20. Wow! You have obviously worked hard to get to this stage. It all looks really exciting and you deserve every success!
    Will be following with interest.


  21. Philip Jones

    Good to see this, Spencer. Duly clicked to follow. I have most of the books, and, of course, followed you in “the Shed” and when you were with “the Interesting Modelling Co” up to recently. Best of luck with this new venture. Philip


  22. Bruce Culver

    This is great news, Spence, and I hope this goes very well for you. I have found Facebook increasingly boring as their algorithms give me only what I have seen before and nothing new, while cutting the contacts I have. Youtube is now a series of ads connected by short segments of content….. I think a website you can control and curate is the best approach. I am pulling for this to be a real success for you, and us…..


  23. Looking forward to following you on this journey!


  24. Best of luck with the site Spencer. You’re being bookmarked for future visits. Thank you for going to this format instead of Social Media.


  25. Christian Atkins

    Great news and please count me in for the next adventure(s)!


  26. Scott Pasishnek

    I’m in Spencer! Looking forward to seeing your posts. Cheers!


  27. amiveritas

    Just added this site to my “favorites list” looking forward to spending some quality time here. Best of luck with your change of direction!


  28. Bravo Spencer, very much agree. I feel high quality content like yours deserves it’s own dedicated web presence and quite like your overall look and presentation here.


  29. Mark Watkins

    Good luck Spencer on your new adventure I will put this on my favourites . Always enjoy your articles and your skills as a model maker something I can only try and aspire to .
    Good to know that I’m not the only model maker and supporter of the sky blues!


  30. Hi Spencer, it took me a while to log in here so apologies for the rather tardy comments.
    You are, in my humble opinion, one of the best model makers I have ever known in my 50+ years of the hobby.
    I really do hope that I will be able to keep abreast of what you do as I find it all most inspiring. Just keep on doing what you do is my input.


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