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Old, the Monogram F-104G may be, but with some careful construction and clever paintwork, this classic can still pass muster...



Here is my legacy build of the ancient Monogram 1:48 F-104G, as rereleased by Revell in the guise of a Belgian ‘Tiger Meet’ aircraft.

At well over 40 years old, this is far from a new kit, so I decided that I would not try and correct it too much, but simply build and paint it as neatly as I could to create a smooth, interesting shape. The cockpit was detailed slightly and reworked to accept a new seat and then the model was assembled, sanded smooth and then the finish applied with Tamiya and Gunze metallic lacquers and colours over an AS-12 basecoat, different shades being used to create a busy, natural metal finish. Decals are from Leading Edge.

I hope you like it!



And There’s More!

If you would like to read more about this model and how it was painted, please check out my new book dedicated to the Starfighter and how to model if. Here’s everything that you need to know:

https://thekitbox.org/2021/04/17/f-104-starfighter-a-story-told-in-miniatures/(opens in a new tab)

I'm formerly the editor in charge of Military In Scale magazine and latterly, Model Airplane International. Editing duties to one side, I'm now a full-time modelmaker with Doolittle Media, working to supply modelling articles and material for a number of their group titles, including MAI and Tamiya Model Magazine International. I'm also an avid fan of Assassin's creed, Coventry City FC and when the mood takes me, a drummer of only passing skill. Here though, you'll find what I do best: build models and occassionally, write about them!

8 comments on “RHAPSODY IN METAL

  1. Harold Cline

    Spencer: We have a saying in the States about making a silk purse from a sows’ ear. I have started more than one monogram 104, both C and G, only to give up in frustration. Good on you for making it look easy.


  2. Todd Moore

    Why Canadian markings? Do you have some connection with Canada? 🙂


    • Other than friends, no. This is for my new book and as I already had USAF, Italian, German, Dutch and possibly, Danish in the bag, I thought a natural metal Canadian jet would be a nice contrast… 🙂


  3. Mark Ronan

    Spencer – congratulations on accomplishing such a stunning outcome. The vision and skill you brought to the project are remarkable.


  4. Christian Atkins

    Sweet! Really nice job on an old kit. Well done!


  5. Bruce Kennedy

    That is a beautiful build of the monogram kit !


  6. John Wilkes

    This is a nice looking aeroplane. I built a Cold Lake version too from about 1978. I have a Voodoo now for that collection.


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